Drumm: an Agency for Social Change

We offer a variety of facilitated programs and can design a program which meets your needs. Our areas of specialty include:

• Long-term planning with not-for-profits and companies. Utilizing tools such as SWOT Analysis and Appreciative Inquiry, we work with your team to focus your efforts toward common goals and effectively implement your plans.

• Direct programming with youth around issues of race, class, gender, communication skills and relationships. Whether they are the leaders of the school or at-risk of dropping out, self-identified activists or in the juvenile justice system, we can meet them where they are. Our programs are very skill-based. We give young people the tools to achieve their goals AND the opportunity to practice those skills in a safe environment. Watch a short video of our work with Kalamazoo area youth.

• Facilitation training for youth-serving adults and agencies. We can help you work more effectively with young people—meeting their needs, connecting with them and doing it in a way that fits your own personality. We offer practical skills to add to your toolbox—whether it is overflowing or if you are just starting out in the field of youth development.

• Establishing healthy group dynamics for a variety of groups. We can help you figure out how to work better together—the more diverse the group, the better. Past clients include boards of directors, school staffs, administrative teams and college sports teams.

Other Programs Offered

Real Deal Action Planning

We have all sat through those mind-numbing action-planning retreats—the ones where people argue over the use of the words “learning” and “education”, the ones where the coffee ran out 6 hours ago and there is no end in sight.
We offer an innovative, yet common-sense version of Action Planning. Our method blends the Appreciative Inquiry work model with the parts of tradition action planning sessions which make sense. Whether you are a church youth group planning a fundraiser or a well-established non-profit designing a new mission statement, our Real Deal Action Planning will help you get to the point and ensure that all voices are heard.

Facilitator Training

With clients ranging from summer camps to private colleges, from high school teachers to youths facilitating other youths, our Facilitation Training can help you run more efficient meetings and group sessions. While the core of our training remains the same no matter who your clientele might be, we customize it to meet your framework and needs. Your group members will walk away from our Facilitation Training Workshop with concrete tools and, most importantly, practice at using these tools in settings specific to the work you do.

Grant Research & Writing

Whether you need help finding grants to support your work or you have the funding source but need help writing the grant, we can assist you. After a decade of successful grant-writing, we can help you get your program off the ground. We specialize in working with Kalamazoo area foundations at reasonable rates.

Customized Group Programs

We offer a wide range of group programs, ranging from basic community-building to more intense retreat facilitation. Contact Sarah Drumm to inquire about taking the next step with your organization.

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