Sarah Drumm is the principal facilitator with Drumm: an agency for social change.  Sarah has a degree in Social Relations from James Madison at Michigan State University. She spent her early career as a classroom teacher in Flint and Battle Creek, as well as Tuba City, AZ (Navajo Nation) and Phoenix, AZ. In 2003, she created the Diversity Awareness and Leadership Training (DALT) program, which ran in Kalamazoo area high schools for 7 years. The DALT program was an amazing opportunity to blend all the “best practices” Sarah learned as a classroom teacher, a diversity facilitator, and an experiential educator.

In recent years, Sarah has been helping many Kalamazoo not-for-profits work better together. She is experienced in bringing staff and board members together for long-term visioning as well as concrete quarterly plans.

After years of community work, Drumm Agency has many trusted and trained facilitators in its network. Depending on the needs and size of each group, other skilled facilitators are available. Often, a diverse team of facilitators will be called upon to better connect with a group.

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